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Oil Spritzers! -- sorry, not currently available.

These Napa Valley Harvest Spritzer's from Wine Country Kitchens is a wonderful and versatile tool for your kitchen!  The non-aerosol spray is an ‘earth friendly’ option to other spray bottles.  Using these products allows you to control the amount of oil you desire.  One incredible advantage of grapeseed oil is that it has the highest ‘flash point’ of any cooking oil without changing the flavor profile.  The Olive Oil has become a kitchen staple and speaks for itself. Your heart and taste buds will love you for incorporating these fun and flavorful oils into your cooking and grilling experiences!  These are great for salads and veggies too!

All the Wine Country Kitchen Oils are cold pressed, which keeps the essential oils our bodies need.


Wonderfully infused roasted garlic olive oil. This olive oil is a must for every pantry.  Great garlic taste without being overpowering.  You can substitute a couple of garlic cloves by using this oil (That's what Gourmet Betty does)

   - Use in salads, sautéing your vegetables, for stir fry's, or on potato wedges prior to roasting. - Great to make your own Garlic Bread or Croutons.
 Buy one for you and one as a gift!



Made with Pure Grapeseed Oil and Meyer Lemon Oil, this infused oil spritzer is great for stir frying, sautéing and perfect to mist on salads, rice and pasta.

- Meyer lemon is a subtle taste -- it's not overpowering lemon taste, it's just the right amount.
- Sauté fresh baby spinach; add pine nuts, salt, pepper and garlic – fabulous!
- Spritz over salad greens, add vinegar & toss.
- For a seafood brochette, select your favorite fish, add vegetables, spritz with oil and grill for a light and clean finish.

Made with Pure Grapeseed Oil, Toasted Sesame Oil and Garlic Oil. These ingredients are precisely infused to create incredible flavor. Enjoy freshly blanched green beans spritzed with a perfect touch of flavorful toasted sesame and garlic oil.

- Lightly steam fresh asparagus, drain, spritz with the oil and top with sesame seeds.
- Sauté chicken strips in this oil and add mushrooms to finish the sauté. - Serve over your favorite rice or pasta. Top the dish with shredded carrots, zucchini and lightly sautéed scallions. ** Keep the bottle close by, should anyone desire an additional spritz!  Very delicious!